By purchasing products from Toad Traders or by submitting our order form you (the online customer) accept the following terms and conditions:


  • All prices are in Australian dollars, including postage, freight and handling charges.
  • A minimum purchase price of $50 dollars is required for free postage.
  • Purchases under $49.99 will incur a $10 postage, shipping and handling fee.
  • Payments of all purchases can be made by Personal, company cheques or Mail order.
  • All written payments are to be payable to SAFARIMAN.
  • Purchases that are paid by Cheque or Money Order, must be posted to TOAD TRADERS, before shipment occurs.
  • Credit Cards are also accepted for phone orders, fax purchases or the use of our PAYPAL system.


  • All prices will be charged in Australian Dollars, including postage, freight and handling charges.
  • A minimum purchase price of $50 dollars is required for free postage.
  • Purchases under $49.99 will incur a $10 postage, shipping and handling fee.
  • Payment of all purchases can be made by International Money Orders, Western Union Transfers, Credit Cards or the use of our PAYPAL system.



All payments are to be made out to SAFARIMAN.


Purchases that are paid by Credit Cards, require TOAD TRADERS CREDIT CARD AUTHORISATION FORM to be completed and posted to TOAD TRADERS before shipment of goods occurs. Click here for the AUTHORISATION FORM.


The use of PAYPAL must be noted on the online form. A PAYPAL invoice will be emailed to the email address entered. TOAD TRADERS reserves the right to cancel any orders that have been rejected from PAYPAL. Payments rejected by PAYPAL, have no affiliation with TOAD TRADERS or their staff. All payment rejections are the sole responsibility of PAYPAL, the issuing bank, and the card holder. Payments that have been rejected by PAYPAL are still required to be paid by the customer. The customer ordering the goods is required to send full payment, plus any additional charges accrued from the dishonour to TOAD TRADERS. Following a payment rejection, the customer can pay for the goods by other monetary means according to the terms and conditions mentioned herein. All fradulent claims and purchases will be investigated and prosecuted with the full extent of the Australian Law and that of the Law of the country origin where the customer was at the time of purchase.

Toad Traders Postal Address

All Orders and Payments are to be posted to:

Toad Traders
PO Box 42
North Strathfield
NSW 2137

P: +61 4 1980-2730

Email order to:

Shipping & Return Policy

Shipping Policy

Please allow 3 weeks for delivery, slightly longer for international orders.

Return Policy

All returns must be made within 3 days of receipt of the goods.

All Returns will incur postage, and handling charges that are to be paid by the customer returning the goods.

TOAD TRADERS will not pay for the postage or freight charges of any product that is returned for any reason. Goods are to be returned in its original packaging, in the same condition that it was when dispatched. Products deemed to have been tampered with, damaged or returned in not a NEW or similar condition upon its collection, according to discretion of TOAD TRADERS and its staff members will not be refunded or exchanged.

The customer takes full responsibility of the product upon its collection, after being dispatched from TOAD TRADERS. If the product/package appears to have been damaged or is damaged, the customer must return the product to TOAD TRADERS immediately at the expense of TOAD TRADERS. If the package or product is opened, damaged, or tampered with, then all postage, handling and/or freight charges will be required to be paid by the customer returning the defective product.

Customers who have purchased products with the use of CREDIT CARDS may still return or exchange their products, however TOAD TRADERS do not offer charge backs or cash refunds. Customers may wish to exchange a product for one that is either equivalent or more in price. In the event that this occurs, customers will be expected to pay the difference in prices, as well as any other additional postage, handling or freight charge.

All products returned must be sent to:

PO Box 42
North Strathfield NSW 2137

Privacy & Security

We value our customers' privacy and will never sell or trade our customers' names or other private information.

We collect only enough information to properly and expeditiously serve our customers. We currently operate an order only system on the Toad Traders website. Customers who nominate credit card payment will be contacted by Toad Traders for their credit card details prior to shipment.

Toad Traders would like you to note that any information you choose to transmit over the Internet is done at your own risk.

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